5 beautiful day trips from Oslo

If you have a few extra days to kill while in Oslo, there are plenty of exciting and beautiful day trips just a short distance from the city center. The region surrounding Oslo is flourishing with attractions and experiences that let you take a break from the city life, giving you both new and wonderful impressions. Why not experience great art at Kistefos, exciting historical sites, such as Fetsund Lenser, modern small city life in Lillehammer or idyllic nature at Gaustatoppen and Verdens Ende?

Kistefos museum

In Jevnaker, about one-and-a-half-hour drive from Oslo city center, you will find the Kistefos Museum. The museum is a former factory for production of wood pulp for newspapers and magazines. This is the only one of its kind that is preserved in Scandinavia and is the base for the industrial museum. One of the buildings have been transformed into a display of art, with changing exhibitions of national and international caliber. The museum is surrounded by beautiful Norwegian nature including a unique sculpture park. This is a facility that is counted as one of northern Europe’s largest outdoor parks for sculptures and contemporary art.

Fetsund Lenser

The floating museum and wetland center, Fetsund Lenser, is a national cultural heritage, and can be found in an idyllic location along Glomma river, just a short distance from the city. With only a half-hour car ride, or a 15-minute train ride from Oslo, you can experience an area that offers great hiking areas, idyllic scenery and wetlands. Fetsund Lenser is an old construction for timber sorting and was one of the largest in the country. Today it is the only complete facility that remains in Norway.

While visiting Fetsund Lenser, you can see the historic exhibitions, boats and workshops located in the river. With the raft passages in the river you can also walk out on the water. The area has lovely green areas and a children’s play park. Here you have the option to bring your own lunch, do some barbecue or visit one of several cafés to get a snack and a break.


Around a two-hour car or train ride from Oslo you will find Lillehammer, a cozy city surrounded by beautiful nature located on the shores of the lake Mjøsa. Known for its small, colorful wooden houses and friendly atmosphere, you can experience both city life and village life, proximity to untouched nature and exploration of great sports facilities.

Lillehammer has a variety of attractions that can be experienced while visiting. Among other things is the Maihaugen Open Air Museum where you can wander through Norwegian history from the 13th century until today. You can also visit Hunderfossen Family Park, which is perfect for both adults and children. There’s also the Lilleputthammer Miniature Park which is a replica of storgata in Lillehammer from the 19th century. As a city for the Olympics back in 1994, you can also explore some of the Olympic resorts that are still in use today and open to visitors.

Verdens Ende

A two-hour drive from Oslo city center takes you to Verdens Ende, translated to “the worlds end”. Out on the southern tip of Tjøme, outside of Tønsberg, you will find one of the five ends of the world. The southern tip has a fantastic view and offers nice bathing spots from the rocky shores and islets for both children and adults. Verdens Ende is best known for “vippefyret”, a lighthouse made of stones from Tjømes beaches. As part of Færder National Park, there is also a visitor center in the area, as well as shops, eateries, a bar and a digital exhibition showing life under water. Enjoy the great panoramic views in the visitor centers second floor.


If you are craving an active day that also gives wonderful and memorable experiences, a trip to Gaustatoppen in Rjukan is a perfect one-day trip. A two to three-hour drive takes you to what many refers to as Norway’s most beautiful mountain. The mountain is 1 883 meters above sea level and is easily accessible and easy to climb. A fantastic tour suitable for both beginners and the more experienced, as well as children. If you don’t want to take yourself to the top by feet, you can still experience the wonderful views and the tour with the help of Gaustabanen cableway. This is open every day during the summer, and when the weather allows it during weekends and holidays during the winter season.

By the top of the mountain is a tourist lodge. This is serviced during the summer season until September, as well as some weekends in September, October and the autumn break. Here you can enjoy waffles, coffees and drinks from the café. Even though you easily can go to Gaustatoppen within a day, there are also lodging options if you wish to stay until the following day.

Norwegian nature

Hotels located in Oslo city center are practical for day trips outside the city

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