6 restaurants and eateries in Oslo you can’t miss

With hundreds of restaurants located in the city, it can be difficult to know where it would be best to go to enjoy a good lunch, or delicious dinner. We have collected seven restaurant tips that are worth a visit while you are in Oslo. The collection below consists of varied kitchens, Michelin Star and gourmet.

Trattoria Popolare

The Italian restaurant Trattoria Popolare are well located in the urban Grünerløkka neighborhood, right next to Akerselva river. The menu offers authentic starters, fresh, homemade pasta, as well as traditional fish- and meat dishes. The restaurant is constantly working with raw materials that are in season, collected from both Italy and Norway. If you are a wine-lover and want to explore a variety of flavors, Trattoria Popolare also offers Norway’s biggest Italian wine map.


Kontrast serves you food from the modern Scandinavian kitchen. In 2016, the restaurant received their first Michelin Star. The restaurants focus lies within animal welfare, delivery of local food with raw materials that are in season, as well as bringing the farmer’s products forward. The menu is decided based on the raw materials that are best in season and are available from farmers at all time. Therefor the menu is changing on a daily and weekly basis. Kontrast is located in Maridalsveien next to Vulkan at Grünerløkka.

Le Benjamin

Le Benjamin is an unformal French bistro located in Søndre street at Grünerløkka, next to Akerselva river. The restaurant serves you authentic French food made with good raw materials from the bottom. They offer an al a carte menu and a party menu with French specialties, as well as an exciting and varied wine map. In addition to good food, Le Benjamin have a high score within atmosphere and service.

Afterwork Dame


Seen as one of Oslo’s and Norway’s very best restaurants, Statholdergaarden serves you modern Scandinavian food from their al a carte menu, or in an exciting six coursed gourmet menu. Their menu varies based on season, and Norwegian raw materials are being used when they are on their very best. The restaurant is located in Rådhusgata, not far from Rådhusplassen and Aker Brygge.

Restaurant Fjord

A restaurant perfect for every seafood lover. The menu at Restaurant Fjord offers food based on raw materials in season. Choose between a menu from three to six courses. Their focus is in Norwegian, wild, sustainable fish. A constantly changing menu offers new taste sensations at every visit. The restaurant is located in Kristian Augusts street, next to the National Gallery and the Royal Palace.

Mathallen Oslo

Mathallen Oslo is the place to go to experience a variety of flavors in one place, with the best selection of Norwegian and international food. Mathallen is located at Grünerløkka at Vulkan and is a food court and meeting point for different food traditions and trends, offering a nice atmosphere. You can choose to sit down in the food court and enjoy the food, or you can bring the food with. Mathallen is a combination of restaurants and a trading venue for purchasing good raw materials. Find skilled professionals with a genuine love for food, who are happy to give you good food advice on the way.

Short trip to good food

The selected restaurants above are all located in different parts of Oslo. It takes nothing more than a short walk, bus or tram ride from our hotels to enjoy great food. Experience the restaurants and book a room at one of our hotels located in the very center of Oslo.