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Located on the ground floor of our design hotel – Saga Hotel Oslo, you will discover the intimate setting of Restaurant Fangst.


Built on St.Raws award winning success, the same chef and his team elaborates on new ideas and possibilities, whilst maintaining the same standards of excellence. Based on a concept that is considered a hybrid of Raw Nordic Materials and Japanese Cooking Methods, inspiration and innovation give our restaurant the cutting-edge…


By focusing our efforts on sharing this new and exciting concept, we create both an intimate and social vibe, where knowledge of the various tastes is shared. Thus, creating an open, casual and homely atmosphere which can be only be explained as a one-time experience.


Put your full confidence in our highly skilled team of chefs and you will not be disappointed. Place your trust in our chef to cook an innovative on-the-spot-dish, and you will be left with an everlasting impression of Restaurant Fangst and its fine cuisine. Simply leave it up to us, or as the Japanese say, ‘Omakase’

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Eilert Sundts gate 39 0259 Oslo, Norge