10 museums and attractions to experience in Oslo

With four hotels placed in the very center of Oslo, the possibilities for a cultural refill is good. The city offers several museums and attractions that suits every age and taste. We give you ten tips for the possibilities that lies for a cultural refill both indoor and outdoor while you are in the city.

The Munch Museum

If you are interested in art, you should definitely pay the Munch museum a visit. Here you can see the work done by Edvard Munch that was bequeathed to Oslo council. The artist was an early representative of the expressionism and is the best known international, Norwegian pictorial artist. The Munch museum have 1 100 paintings, 4 500 drawings and watercolors, 18 000 graphical works and 6 000 books, letters and other documents.

The Frogner Park and Vigeland Sculpture Park

For days with good weather, a trip to a park a little out of the ordinary can be good for body and soul. The Frogner Park is the biggest park in Oslo, with about 80 acres. Inside the park, you can find the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is a construction formed and drawn by Gustav Vigeland, with a total of 214 sculptures and over 600 figures.

Vigeland sculpture park


The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

You can visit the opera house in Oslo even if you wish to see a show or not. The opera building is located by the fjord, where you can take a walk on the roof of the building and get a great view over the Oslo fjord and city. The opera house also offers guided tours inside the building, in both Norwegian and English. They also have a gift shop and delicious food and drinks in two eateries. If you wish to see one of their shows, the opera house has an exciting program.


This is a popular tourist attraction, and the world’s most famous sports arenas. Visit Holmenkollen with or without skis on your feet. Holmenkollen consists of, in addition to the jump tower, a ski museum of 4 000 years of ski history. From the view plateau on top of the jump tower, you can experience a beautiful panorama view of Oslo. After both some exciting and new impressions, you can relax with a cup of coffee and something good to eat in their very own café.



The Astrup Fearnley museum

If you want to put yourself more into modern art, The Astrup Fearnley museum at Tjuvholmen is a good candidate. The art collection you find here, are one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary art in Northern Europe. The focus of the collection lies in individual groundbreaking work, instead of art from whole eras and movements. The building of the museum also has an exciting architecture with three pavilions tied together by a glass roof shaped like a sail.

Botanical garden

A big garden at Tøyen filled with botanical diversity and variety offers an exciting and beautiful walk. The botanical garden came to life in 1814 and is one of Norway’s oldest botanical gardens. Here you can find a scientific collection of about 5 500 living plants from different parts of the world. The botanical garden safeguards vulnerable and endangered plants. The purpose of the Botanical Garden is to convey knowledge about the whole of the plant kingdom, and the importance of preserving diversity.

Akerselva river

Akerselva river is a dear recreation area with a living history. The river is eight kilometers long and crosses the city from Maridalsvannet to the Oslo fjord. A walk alongside the river, lets you pass waterfalls, bathing and recreational areas, fishing spots, forest areas and animal and plant life, as well as other well-known attractions. The river is a protected cultural heritage.

The Royal Palace

If you wish to find out what is inside the Norwegian Royal Palace, a guided tour is perfect. For about two months during the summer, you can visit the palace daily for a guided tour inside. Outside the palace, you can take a walk in the Palace Park which is wrapped around the whole building. The park is open all year around and contains several monumental statues. If you take your trip to the palace on a special time of the day, you can also experience the changing of the guards every day at 1:30 pm.

Nobel Peace Center

The history of Alfred Nobel and all the Peace Prize winners engaging, and groundbreaking works are being presented at The Nobel Peace Center. Here you can find fixed installations and changing exhibitions that give you insight in current themes connected to war, peace and conflict resolutions. The discovery center offers guided tours, movies and lectures that invites you to reflect, debate and engage.

Norwegian Museum of Science & Technology

For exploratory people of all ages, the Technical Museum is perfect. This is a paradise of playful learning with innovative exhibits, consisting of more than 100 test-self installations and around 25 exhibitions of technology and medicine. This is a national museum for technology, industry, science and medicine.

It is hard to be bored in Oslo

This is just a small selection of the possibilities that lies in the city. It is hard to be bored with options like these. Enjoy a weekend in Oslo with closeness to all the exciting museums and attractions. Book a room at one of our hotels in the center of Oslo for a good experience. In other posts, we also give you tips for restaurants in Oslo that is worth a visit and shopping for every taste.