Backpacking through Oslo

If you’re going on a backpacking trip, Oslo is definitely a great city to experience while travelling through Europe. As a backpacker you often have a limited budget while travelling. Even though Norway is known for their high prices, there are a lot of opportunities to find nice places to stay, good food and great experiences, despite a tight budget.

Backpacker in Oslo

Great tips for backpackers exploring Oslo on a budget

Whether you have one, two or three days to explore the city, the Oslo Pass is perfect for backpackers on a budget. The Oslo Pass gives you free public transport for tram, bus, metro and train inside zones 1, 2V, 2S and 2Ø. You also get good offers on restaurants and stores around the city, as well as free access to 30 museums and attractions, discounted prices on sightseeing, Tusenfryd amusement park, concerts and more. The Oslo Pass is available all year round, both in winter and summer. Get the pass at several locations around the city for 445 NOK for 24 hours, 655 NOK for 48 hours and 820 NOK for 72 hours.

Be social at a poshtel or get a well-equipped kitchen in an apartment

The Poshtel concept at Saga Hotels is perfect for any backpacker on a tighter budget. A poshtel is like a hostel, but with a higher standard, which means you can expect a little bit more than you would in a traditional hostel. The rooms give you the opportunity to get to know new people while traveling by sharing a room with up to eleven people. While it’s also possible to rent a double room by yourself, Saga Poshtel Oslo offers a social and pleasant stay in a welcoming atmosphere.

If you on the other hand want access to a well-equipped kitchen for the opportunity to cook food, Saga Apartments is a good option for adventurous backpackers. You get a kitchen with all the equipment you need to cook while staying within the budget. As a guest at Saga Apartments, you have access to a laundry room on our main floor, which is very convenient to get clean clothes during your stay.

Easy to get around the city with public transport or bicycle

Oslo has public transport that is easily accessible and covers the whole city. There are also good connections with train and bus to travel outside of Oslo to other places in Norway, or to the airport.

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In addition to public transport, electrical scooters and city bikes are the perfect option to get from one place to another. The electrical scooters are easily paid for on the spot with an app, and are available 24 hours, while the city bikes lets you buy a pass up front that lasts for a certain period of time. The bikes are available between 5 am until 1 am.

Food and drinks for smaller and bigger budgets

No matter how big your budget is while backpacking, there are always good options for places to get food and drinks on a smaller budget. We have already written a post about restaurants worth a visit while you’re in the city. These are restaurants with food for a fair price, and restaurants for a more expensive taste. If you don’t want to spend your money on places like this, there are also several other alternatives.

If you’re staying in a place with a kitchen, it is smart to take advantage of the grocery stores to get ingredients for your own cooking. If not, or if you wish to go out for a meal, Oslo also have restaurants and eateries with lower pricing. A few examples are Rice Bowl on Youngstorget, Wok & Go on Rådhusplassen, Tullins Cafe at Holdbergsplass, Mamma Pizza in Dronningens gate and Munchies at Grünerløkka.

Adventures, activities and sightseeing

Oslo offer lots of opportunities to experience the city and the culture, whereas many of them are free of charge or are low in pricing. Most of them can be experienced regardless of season, while some activities and experiences are only open during the summer or the winter.

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An exciting city for backpackers

Set Oslo as a destination on your trip around Europe and experience the city on a budget. Book a room at Saga Poshtel Oslo Central with your travel companion or alone to get new acquaintances and friends on the way. Book an apartment at Saga Apartmenst Oslo with access to a well-equipped kitchen for possibilities to cook delicious food at home.